Spiritual Talk in the nature

The Sense of time in our life sometimes blurs, we feel the race ahead. Hundreds of events are chasing each other, routine days and get us, and we no longer distinguish between the days of the week. How did I so quickly reached the end of the week?
The Perception of time in life shrinks and stretches all the time. In Heavy emotional events such as loss, threat, fear or death – the minutes and hours seem longer and get burned as a memory or a longer difficult period.

However, when we enjoy times in our lives – time is running in a Current rate, we do not stop to experience difficulty, we just move forward,trying to achieve our goals, each time occupying a different destination. How awful is it that difficult moment and stretches wide and the memory are imprinted on and delves into the experience?

When I think of pleasant events in my life, of course I feel good feelings that accompanied me, but I can tell about the event a short and concise description.

I felt I was in Paradise.
I Danced like there’s no tomorrow.
My body was spinning and I was my drunk with happiness.

Whereas about difficult and complexed situations, I have stories that describe the whole of it’s existence: words, feelings, relationships, weather, sound. The fact that I repeated the story many times when I share it with people in my life – also condense my memory.

As we keep telling stories more times – so as our memory establish. Now ask yourself, what are you telling with more details and attention? Positive or negative experiences? What shapes your memory? Sometimes difficult times seems longer, and it seems like our adult lives are short and quick. Initial experiences in childhood and adolescence burned into the more memorable and meaningful, but my adult life shooting off in darkness senses.

We remember well the first visit to an amusement park, the first kiss, the first time that there is a house, first flight, and so on. Most of these early experiences do not happen when we are adults, which is why adult life feel as if they are racing. So, sometimes you have to take a break and get out into nature. Only nature can feel the here and now,  to get a more objective angle, get more present sense of time. Wild thoughts about life stop. When taking Hfska- there is no purpose to run it.

Experience the here and now. The sounds, the smells, the weather, textures. Being is the only existential, and the implications that has less human and human interaction, so the mind calms down, empty.

Watching all other forms of life, such as the number of life forms that meet in one egg, suddenly reminded that everything stops around us. We are not in the center, we are just a small cog in this solar system. God created them as well, and they are less intelligent of us, or less aware. Animals have existential patterns, and their feelings limited collection for eating, culture and survival. Look at this tortoise, comes to a tree to catch sunlight greenhouses.

Let’s compare that to a person, in the same way going to the store to buy clothes to keep him warm. That person is running high intelligent social codes, choose clothes by fashion, by price, by season, by a social event, by geographic locations.  And this turtle, all he knows is to get into the water and out of them. He knows regulate the temperature.

How simple. So relaxing.

Without words, without sense. Being in itself, without setting time and emotion. If something happens that swamp ecosystem chain, can be changed habits of the turtle. But if we ignore changes in potential, it is possible that such behavior was here before you and I were born, and will remain so even after we go to another world. This meta-physical, but it is encouraging, complete, unpretentious and human intelligence, and that’s all I need at times my mind full of knowledge. Turtle, catfish, fish otters, birds, all meet in this water swamp, living together in collaboration.

Only humans have a territorial, opponents, beliefs and ideologies. Looking at the moment teaches me that night that no conflict. There is a fire, logs, wind, leaves and weather. These opposing forces currently have my space. Conflict exists only in inside the head, and the natural forgetful him. Nature is here and now.

Now breathe, smell, enjoy, watch and listen, absorb the momentary, there has been an eternity.


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