I’m coming out

I finally revealed my identity among my friends and all of my acquaintances as an ASMR creator & consumer.
The reason I did so, is the publication of an article about me in a well-known women magazine in Israel, where I chose to remain anonymous. When the article was published I decided that after four years in the ASMR field i’m tired of staying anonymous and I’m shouting out my love and connection to it. Here is the link for my Hebrew tingle monsters:



Spiritual Talk in the nature

The Sense of time in our life sometimes blurs, we feel the race ahead. Hundreds of events are chasing each other, routine days and get us, and we no longer distinguish between the days of the week. How did I so quickly reached the end of the week?
The Perception of time in life shrinks and stretches all the time. In Heavy emotional events such as loss, threat, fear or death – the minutes and hours seem longer and get burned as a memory or a longer difficult period.

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